Want to run a Floorball tournament and don't know how? Or you don't have the time to manage the event yourself? Then IBK can step in any way that you need so that you can host the best Floorball tournament Canada has ever seen. With years of experience behind the biggest tournament in North America, IBK Events and Konsulting has the knowledge and the capabilities to help deliver your Event to the Floorball world.


From marketing your Floorball program to your intended audience, to creating a full fledge brand program (including a company name and logo) for an equipment company we can help you enlarge your presence in the Canadian Floorball community. Don't have the time to do it all? We will help with that to and run your marketing strategy from behind the scenes.


Do you own and/or operate a Floorball equipment distribution company in Canada, but don't have the sales force to reach your full potential? Or are you that player always looking for the hottest and newest gear? Either way the team at IBK can help you get that gear into that player's hands. Sales is how we got started in this industry and there is no way we are stopping now. Let us help you, help the Floorball community.

We can make your event a success

History / Who we are

In 2014 our founder was introduced to the sport of Floorball through the Canada Cup Tournament, and he instantly fell in love with the sport. From the fast paced action to the cool equipment used to play, the sport drew him in and he has been involved ever since. In 2016 he decided the community could use a provider who could help bridge the gap between players and the companies that service them. Whether it's assisting in putting on a kick ass tournament, putting sticks in the hands of players or promoting the sport across this great country of ours, our goal is to help grow the sport in a way that is beneficial to both the country & the sport. Our name: IBK is a reference to the Swedish way of saying Floorball Club. It means Inne Bandy Klubb. The 'K' in Konsulting is a reference to the European spelling of our founders name Karl.

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